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Private Boat Tours

  • Private Boat Charter

    The Creative Tours boat (C-Monkey) is designed to provide our guests with a comfortable, enjoyable and personalized private boat charter.

Deep Sea Fishing

  • Deep Sea Fishing

    Enjoy a day on the comfortable Caye Cat, a thirty-foot Hydrocat sport fishing vessel designed to get you to fishing sites with speed and stability. This boat is fully decked out for deep-sea fishing. The Caye Cat can accommodate up to six guests.

Cave Tubing and Zip Line

  • Cave Tubing and Zip Line

    Float down the Caves Branch river and combine that with a one-hour zip line experience if you like.

The Belize Zoo

  • The Belize Zoo

    The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center.  The Belize zoo is one of a kind, located off the Western Highway in a forest and savanna area

Creative Tours Belize

Private Charter Boats

Customized Tours

Creative Tours Belize is based in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, Central America, and specializes in private charters and custom tours.

If you are staying on Ambergris Caye, or plan to visit we can offer you our 34 foot, private charter speed boat, The C-Monkey, or our fast and smooth Hydrocat The Caye Cat decked out for deep sea fishing and other adventures. Excursions on these boats are designed to be whatever you want them to be, from fishing and snorkeling and beach BBQ’s to day trips to explore other islands or the lesser known areas of Ambergris Caye like the Bacalar Chico Reserve, The Secret Beach and the beautiful leeward coves and sand bar. All of our trips include all the gear you will need for any tour you choose, all park fees, excellent snacks and beverages. You can also choose to bring along anything special that your group would enjoy.

We welcome groups of friends, families, wedding parties, seniors, honeymooners and all different levels of adventurous spirits. We are also glad to help you arrange mainland tours to see spectacular Mayan ruins, cave tube, zip line or go to the beautiful Belize Zoo.

Please contact us for more details
Belize phone numbers: 011-501-628-2704 or 011-501-601-0139
U.S. Phone: (505) 358-3242



Belize is a colorful, diverse and exciting country, overflowing with natural beauty and rich history in a sub-tropical climate zone. Mainland Belize, once completely the territory of the Ancient Maya offers many accessible Mayan sites to explore, as well as a huge underground cave system, beautiful, lush rainforests, spectacular waterfalls, mountains savannas and lowlands. It seems that there is never enough time to explore all that Belize has to offer.

The islands, surrounded by pure turquoise water offer the traveler a multitude of opportunities for diving, snorkeling, exploring, kayaking and sailing. The Belize portion of the Mesoamerican Reef System extends 180 miles just to the east of the country. It is home to hundreds of thousands of species of animals, plants and microorganisms, and it protects the islands to the west from many catastrophic storm events. It also creates the calm, turquoise waters that surround the islands (cayes) of Belize.

Belize is 170 miles long from north to south, and 68 miles wide from east to west and has a population of right around 300,000 people. It is home to 145 identified species of mammals, 139 species of reptiles, and 500 species of rare and beautiful birds. There are also over 100 species of orchids, the Belize national flower. The average yearly temperature is 84 degrees (29 C), and the language spoken is English, though most Belizeans speak Creole and Spanish as well. Belizeans are friendly and helpful, and value their beautiful land that they refer to as “The Jewel”.

This is a country that has not been sanitized and decorated and homogenized into a nice safe look alike in a different location. It is a culturally and ethnically diverse county of real people with a hope and a dream of continuing to explore and curate their rich history, culture and natural resources. Belize has something for everyone, from jungle lodging to five-star resorts as a base for the marvelous adventures this country has to offer.



Private Boat Charter

Private Boat Charters in Belize

Relax and enjoy your time on a 34-foot private boat
with a nautical head. All trips can be customized (price varies)

The Creative Tours boat (C-Monkey) is designed to provide our guests with a comfortable, enjoyable and personalized private boat charter. It has an excellent ladder that provides easy access to and from the water. We can accommodate groups of up to twenty people, families, seniors and couples in search of a romantic day or evening on the beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

Reef and deep-sea fishing trips include rods, reels, tackle, bait and guide, and can be one-half or a full day. Snorkeling trips include all park fees, equipment and guide.

We can design a leisurely day of snorkeling, reef fishing and exploring and also do a beach BBQ if you like, or serve your favorite food and drink on the boat.


E-MAIL OR CALL US TO DESIGN YOUR CUSTOM BOAT TRIP. Prices will be provided as you design your trip.

Deep Sea Fishing

Our fast and smooth Hydrocat The Caye Cat decked out for deep sea fishing and other adventures. Up to 6 passengers


Belize boasts a remarkable cave system that offers the traveler an opportunity to view these natural wonders formed over millions of years by the ebb and flow of water over limestone. Enjoy the relaxing experience of floating through a cave on a large inner tube or exploring one of the caves the ancient Maya utilized as ceremonial centers, where they left their artifacts and way of life etched into the walls and floors. They believed Xibalba, their underworld was reached this way.

Cave expeditions are available for most people, though some require a higher level of fitness and strength to access.

Appreciate a whole different view of the beautiful Belize rainforest canopy, the one from the top. Get your adrenaline going as you Zip over the tree tops and enjoy some of the most spectacular views you will ever see. Zip lining can be combined with cave tubing for a fun and adventurous day, or you can choose either activity.

Belize Cave Exploration

Cave Exploration

Cave Exploration with a knowledgeable, professional guide can be one of the most memorable, exciting, out of this world experiences you will ever have. It is a trip into an ancient world and its authenticity, beauty and magic are evident.


Barton Creek – This cave is 45 minutes from the town of San Ignacio, and was used by the ancient Mayans as a burial site and for ceremonial purposes. It is likely that sacrifices of children were made to the god Chac as a plea for rain. It is accessed with a guide by canoe. Your guide uses lights to point out pottery shards, skulls, bones and beautiful, natural formations. Altogether, the remains of twenty-eight individuals have been discovered in this cave.


Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (The ATM Cave) – This is the premier cave expedition in Belize. It requires a good level of fitness. Access to the cave requires hiking, wading and underwater swimming. When you are almost a mile underground you will encounter the “crystal maiden”, a complete female skeleton. The pottery shards at this site are marked with “kill holes” to allow spirits to escape, which indicates that the cave was, indeed a ceremonial site.

The Belize Zoo

The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center

The Belize zoo is one of a kind, located off the Western Highway in a forest and savanna area that has been left entirely in its natural state. It is home to 125 animals and each animal has been placed in the zoo after either being injured or orphaned or tamed, or may have been too aggressive for the area where they originally resided.

The Zoo was founded in 1983 by Sharon Matola who came to Belize as an animal caretaker for film makers. After the films were made Matola was left with many animals too tame to turn back into the wild, and she made the choice to give them a proper home and good care. She exhibited the animals to raise funds to care for them, and over time collected many species of the animals of Belize. It became obvious to Matola that Belizeans were not familiar with animals native to their country, and had many misconceptions and superstitions about them, so she set out to provide information and education to all. This successful venture has helped bring appreciation and pride to Belizeans about their own country’s natural resources and animals. It is a joy to visit this zoo and see animals up close that are kept in their own natural habitat.

Maya Exploration

Maya Exploration

Explore the ancient world of the great Maya civilization

Mundo Maya (The Mayan World) covered parts of Mexico and Honduras, and all of El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize during a period of 3000 years, and their ancestors are still an important part of the diverse ethnic groups and cultures of Belize. The ancient Belize Maya cities and temples of offer the traveler a glimpse into this rich and fascinating existence. There are fourteen accessible Belize Maya sites. Here is a sample.


Xunantunich meaning “maiden of the rock” or stone woman in Maya is located between San Ignacio and Benque Viejo del Carman on the Western Highway across the river from the village of San Jose Succotz. It is a classic ceremonial center with a ball court, and there are two temples in this spectacular site, with El Castillo rising to 130 feet making it one of the tallest Mayan structures in the country.


Cahal Pech sits in a lush jungle environment located right in the town of San Ignacio and is very easy to access. This beautiful site contains thirty-four structures, two ball courts, eight stelae and one alter, and was the palatial home of an elite Maya family and contains a royal tomb.


Caracol located 55 miles south of San Ignacio in the foothills of the Maya Mountains is the largest known site in Belize. This hugs site contains 25 stalae and 28 alters and at one time contained a population of over 100,000.


El Pilar located about ten miles from San Ignacio and only thirty-two miles from Tikal in Guatamala. This site, which is only partially open to the public covers five thousand acres, one-half of which are in Belize and one-half of which are in Guatamala. During its peak period it housed more than 20,000 people. It is located high above the valley, and has beautiful views.

ALTUN HA – Belize District

Altun Ha located 31 miles north of Belize City and is home to two hundred species of birds and a multitude of other wildlife. This was a wealthy ceremonial center and is very close to the sea. There are no stelae at this site, but there are rich tombs where a large carved jade pendant and a carved Jade head were excavated.

LAMANAI – Orangewalk District

Lamanai meaning “submerged crocodile” located in the northern part of Belize and is quite often accessed by way of the New River Lagoon by boat which offers the traveler an opportunity to see many species of water birds, crocodiles and iguanas. This site is especially interesting because there is evidence of three distinct cultures: Maya, Spanish and British.



 Working with the Zuls was amazing, and we got far more help than we ever imagined possible. We were able to see and do much more in this beautiful country because it was so perfectly planned for us. Many, many stars for these tour operators, we will always use their services.



Dallas, Texas

Amazing Time with Creative Tours Belize

Karen and Marcos Zul at Creative Tours Belize will take care everything! We enjoyed two days on their boat and Karen helped us arrange cave tubing, including our flights to the mainland. Ours days on the boat with Marcos, Andy and Joe were amazing! We spent our time fishing and relaxing in beautiful water while Andy and Joe dove for lobsters. They then cooked them up for us on a beautiful white sand beach while we relaxed in the water. Ask them about the "See You Tomorrow Juice" which is the delicious rum punch they serve. On day two we snorkeled with Marcos, Andy and Joe who are expert guides, and Karen provided delicious snacks. Anything you want to experience they will arrange! They were like family at the end of our stay and we cannot wait to return! This is THE BEST way to experience Belize!



Houston, Texas

Boat Trip

We had a group of 10.... 5 couples!

We fished, snorkeled and relaxed. Wonderful meal served to us on a private beach!

Most beautiful water I have ever seen!!!!!!!!! We loved it so much we booked for the very next day on the Spot! Marco, Joe and Andy are an awesome crew!

Very patient with our shenanigans! It was the best part of my Belize Trip!

We also did Cave Tubing which was a great adventure...

Karen did great keeping us in the "know"!

Can't wait to get back to Paradise!



Spring, Texas

Crazy Fun

This was by far the best tour group I have ever used! It felt like family! Can't wait until next time.



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