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Mountain Pine Ridge is a sparsely populated area in the Cayo District of Belize and was established as a reserve in 1944 to protect and manage native Belizean pine forests.  The largest of all Maya cities, Caracol is located here.  This elaborately planned city once supported a population of 140,000 and was also notable because it’s warriors defeated those of Tikal in Guatamala in AD 562.  It is only now being thoroughly excavated and explored by archeologists, and many artifacts are stored in tents there.

Barton Creek, which is home to a group of Mennonites is another interesting site in the reserve.  There is a large river cave (4.5 miles) that has not been fully explored yet and is accessible only by boat.   Your guide will shine lights on artifacts and skeletal remains in the cave, and explain what is known of the history.

The Rio Frio Cave is located here, which has the largest entrance of any cave in Belize, and natural pools on the outside for visitors to cool off in.  Breathtaking Big Rock Falls is a place to relax, swim, jump into and enjoy.

The Mountain Pine Ridge is not for everybody.  The road is rough and long, but the abundance of sites, sounds, views and animals in this area make it well worth visiting.

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